The first thing you might be thinking as you read this is, "Strong Asian Mothers, that's quite a band name", and you'd be right. Dig a little deeper on the band, which consists of the even more brilliantly named Kalim "Yung Patel / K9" Patel, Amer "Chocolate Susan" Chadha-Patel, Josh "Rogan-Josh" aka "J-Dillaworth" aka "Jew-Dakris" aka "Posh Beats" Stadlen, and you'll find a band with an infectious sense of humour. Their music, however, is by no means silly. Their latest single "Hard To Find", for example, is an electronics-tinged indie cut that keenly taps into the tiring feeling of pursuing the perfect night out.​

"It's about the unrivaled feeling of chasing/achieving that great night out," the band explained, "meeting new people and forging unforgettable connections, dancing to your heart's content, letting a night take you anywhere, and perhaps meeting someone special in the process... That and Wally. Where is that guy? He's hard to find sometimes."

And what have the boys got planned for the future? "We're planing on enjoying the Christmas period on the private island we purchased with the proceeds from the first two EPs," Amer claims. "We've invited Richard Branson 'cause we know his island isn't that good. Then we're planing to drop another single at the beginning of next year and then smash festival season with gusto and prowess. That will lead us into an album release, hopefully, in the early autumn followed by a balls-out tour."