For the past few months, wearable tech company SUBPAC has been recruiting producers to create 'SUBPAC Optimised' tracks to test the limits of their product that allows listeners to literally feel the music they're listening to. In the past, we've personally brought you DJ Paypal's "Ham", a percussion-heavy banger filled with jittering rhythms, and Terror Danjah's thundering low-end monster "Yoga Fire". 

Today, we've got a new SUBPC banger from another UK club producer, Cooly G. The Hyperdub producer has been a favourite at Complex HQ for a while, and this new one only cements that. Both Terror Danjah and DJ Paypal pushed the SUBPAC to its limits with their respective gifts for bassy rhythms and frenetic percussion. Cooly G, an artist and producer whose back catalogue sprawls across a number of genres, has channeled that varied history into a just over three minutes of sci-fi bass, techy melodies and deep grooves. Take a listen below (through the best speakers you can lay your hands on, or better yet a SUBPAC), and then read our quick Q&A with the producer. Also, make sure you watch the interview with Cooly (above) to hear her talk about the tech and how it affected the way she creates.

How did you get involved with the SubPac project?

Oh I can't remember exactly I knew that I would get one as soon as I found out about the project before they were available to buy, I mean bass and Cooly G, standard combination! I had to be involved. I remember talking to Kris (SubPac), he said he could get me one and I was like oh yes! Went down to the office and tried it first, I was laughing so hard because I had finally found the perfect match to something that was missing when I played music.  I played a bashment track and couldn't believe the feeling. The thoughts I had running through my head and what I was going do with this SubPac... it was a good day.

Tell us about the new track and how SubPac influenced the sound? How has the SubPac affected the way you approach making music? 

The new track "Cooly's SUBPAC" is a grime style track with deep bass line running through with crazy broken melodies. This track was created with the SubPac alongside the other tracks from my latest Hyperdub EP and my new forthcoming self released EP. Since I got the SubPac I wear it everywhere, outside when I'm travelling which allows me to zone out in my own world and also as a part of my studio set up. When making music it's essential, as when I'm searching for new sounds I'm hearing and feeling things I would never have heard without it, so it's had a big impact on all the new music I'm creating, I can also create late into the night without disturbing anyone.

Did it take time to get used to the SubPac? Describe your initial experience. 

I'm a sound gal so it was just something I needed personally and it makes me feel so great, It feels amazing no lie! It is really good, I didn't need any time to get used to it, I've been searching for something like this for a long time. I've got S2 (Seatback) and it's Backpak B1 and M2 (wearable) and can't wait to check the new version.