"Good B", the new jam from E3 grime kid Cadell and Glaswegian producer Rapture 4D, could quite possibly be the most forceful R&G cut ever made—and that's no bad thing. Keeping his famed rowdy rhyme schemes at the core, Cadell shells Rapture 4D's R&B-nodding bed of wallowing synths and skippy hi-hats with bars aimed at the ride-or-die ladies in our lives. "Good B" is one of the tracks to be featured on a project (helmed by Red Bull Studios, London) that sees Rapture 4D and fellow Glaswegian Polonis link up with the best of the best in London grime—due September 18, it will feature the likes of YGG, P Money, Discarda, Jammz and more. 

Cadell sent Complex a note about taking part in the Beat Roots mixtape:

"In between Red Bull Culture Clash 2016 and Eskimo Dance Glasgow 2016, I started to look into other parts of the UK, as London had everything, and when I asked Scotland who's popping, everyone was like: 'You have to check out Rapture 4D and Polonis.' I never managed to link them up there, but the stars aligned and we were able to make it happen with the Red Bull Studios 'Beat Roots' project. Just because I'm ratchet on Twitter, don't think I ain't at home writing, giving you gems [laughs]. So I wrote to this tune and called it 'Good B', 'cos there's enough songs out there about 'bad bs' and bad girls; I thought I'd make a tune for the girls who aren't actually about that life. Big up Scotland too, though. Mad, mad love."

Listen to "Good B" exclusively below.