Bandulu badman Boofy and fellow Bristol boy Ishan Sound have rightly been the go-to producers for those who like their grime-influenced productions to come harder than a kick in the teeth. On their latest two-track single, "Roll The Dice" / "Cane Sword", the two beatsmiths collide with a cacophony of crushing industrial drums, bone-rattling bass, and frost-bitten synths.

The former track, which we've got exclusively for you below, packs more of a dubby punch with its echoed samples and smatterings of sci-fi, but is still thoroughly hard. Sure, lots of producers are making experimental club music, but the strength of this one is its potential as a straight-up grime riddim. Off-kilter for sure, but this could make for an inspired instrumental to separate the top-tier MCs from the also-rans.

"Roll The Dice" / "Cane Sword" drops September 24 via Sector 7 Sounds.