Attention Channel U heads: something incredible has happened.

Gold-plated MCs Nikki S and Nyke have revisited one of their iconic 2005 anthem "Ska Riddim" with the help of one or two friends. Deep breath: Flirta D, Little Dee, PK, Novelist, Jammz, Yizzy, Scrufizzer, Bossman Birdie, Asher D and Kwam were all brought into the booth to add their bars to what has become "Ska Riddim 2". There are so many levels to this it's difficult to pin down exactly which is most impressive. Regardless, it's exciting to see Nyke and Nikki S back, the same goes for Asher D too, and it's better still to see the old and new schools sparring on the same track together. 

If Lethal B ever fancies a "POW 2017", he could do worse than to look here for inspiration.