Wednesday marked the inimitable Foxy Brown's birthday, an occasion Nicki Minaj did not let pass without a heartfelt tribute. In an Instagram note, Minaj credited Brown as one of the reasons she started rapping and confirmed that she remains the only person with whom she still competes to this day.

"I may have never even started rapping if it wasn't for her, KING FOX," Minaj wrote. "Her flow and delivery is still unmatched. You can't listen to me without hearing her influence. She's still the only thing I compete with when it comes to precision of flow, delivery, and execution." Check out Minaj's full post below.

This is far from the first time Minaj has praised Brown for her influence. Back in 2012, Minaj brought Foxy out during a set at Roseland Ballroom in New York City. "I never really knew how she felt about me—in the industry, with women, you kinda just tread lightly—and I'm glad I was able to finally come out and say: 'You were the most influential female rapper to me,'" Minaj later told MTV News.

In March, Foxy Brown hopped into the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj feud by releasing a diss of her own over Jay Z's classic Kanye-produced "Takeover" beat:

Photo Removed

Brown hasn’t publicly responded to Minaj's birthday wishes, but she did share a photo of her newborn baby on Instagram Wednesday night: