As of right now, we're still under the belief that we're just a month out from the dropping of Migos' Culture 2 (just nine months after the release of the original, Culture). And though we've yet to see a single from that upcoming album, we can still try to peace together what's on it based on these little tidbits of information that occasionally surface.

For example, though he wasn't exactly enthusiastic about talking to this TMZ camera guy, Quavo did tell him that Cardi B would be on the album (which isn't entirely surprising, given that Offset previously worked with her on her song, "Lick." Oh, and also this). He made the comment after the guy continued to wonder if Cardi B "broke the mold" for reality stars to break into the hip-hop world. You can watch the brief interaction above.

However, as he also said "Wait on it," which we suppose means give it until next month or (possibly) longer.

Culture II coming soon.