On Wednesday, Michelle Obama gave a talk in Boston at the marketing/sales conference Inbound. While there, she spoke on a number of wide-ranging subjects, including her upcoming book, what it was like to live in the White House, what it's like to raise teenage daughters in that same house, what she thinks about her husband's successor, and what she thinks about efforts to repeal his signature healthcare legislation (among other things).

That's all good and well, but it's not really why you clicked on this story, is it? In fact, this is all just a setup for us to tell you her answer to a question she was asked at the end of her Q&A session. Author and interviewer Roxane Gay wondered what Michelle Obama's favorite song off of Lemonade is.

At first, she said "all of them," which would probably make this qualify as "click-bait," for whatever that term is worth nowadays. But then, she answered specifically: "Love Drought" is the track she plays "over and over."

That answer was well-received, at least by these Twitter users:

Though we highly doubt anyone was going to freak if she had said "Sandcastles."