Stepping on the scene in 2002, Marci Phonix was around during grime's inception and was regurlarly found spitting alongside Dizzee, Tinchy and Wiley. Renowned for being a beast on the mic, the emcee shut down all the iconic raves (namely Sidewinder and Eskimo Dance) with his reload-worthy tag: "You're not ready for the don!" After taking a long hiatus from music—where he used to work closely with his friend Hyper Fenn—Mr Phonix returns with "RIOT", his debut solo single. This track already has the people talking; with lines like "if black boys only steal and sell drugs, all white men rape their niece", you can understand why. The accompanying visuals include apocalyptic scenes and an all-blacked-out gang, ready to riot against the feds. A lot to take in, but a good watch nonetheless.

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