Fresh off assisting Cardi B for the official remix to her summer smash, "Bodak Yellow," Kodak Black is here to remind you who the originator is. He dropped the hotly anticipated sequel to his beloved song, "No Flockin," and the visuals for "No Flockin 2" got a hell of an upgrade on the production budget.

If you need an idea of how far Kodak has come over the last few years, check out the streaming options on YouTube for the respective videos. The best you can do for the original "No Flockin" is crank it up to 360p, which is a graphical standard reached by mid-1990s PC video games. "No Flockin 2," on the other hand, brings Kodak to the people in full 1080p HD, waving cash around next to a private jet and rocking a ton of gaudy jewelry.

There are obviously a lot of similarities between the two songs, since they share the same instrumental—but the biggest difference might just be how the words coming out of Kodak's mouth sound. In the O.G. edition, Kodak actually sounds like he's rapping the song, and even if you don't appreciate it thematically, it's easy to see why Cardi B borrowed the flow/style for "Bodak Yellow." By comparison, "No Flockin 2" sounds like words are just falling out of Kodak's mouth, for a reason that's not immediately clear. Is the extra gold in his grill getting in the way? It's hard to say.

If Kodak is your thing, you can check out the video for "No Flockin 2" up top. Feel free to weigh in on whether you enjoy the original or the sequel better.