Kevin Gates has released the By Any Means 2 mixtape. It's a fitting title, considering the rapper's current situation. Gates is serving a 180-day jail sentence after being found guilty of misdemeanor battery in late October when he assaulted a woman at one of his concerts. 

Even though he remains incarcerated, Gates has still dropped some new songs over the last few months. The Millz-produced "No Love," which came out in July, featured lyrics where he reflected on being behind bars. Earlier this month, Gates released the video for "What If," and shared a handwritten message to his fans. Last week, the Louisiana rapper debuted the PnB Rock-assisted "Beautiful Scars," the first cut off By Any Means 2. Much like his previous songs, in that track Gates finds himself talking about his personal life. 

"If I had to, I would do it again/My partner died, but all my army still live/I wear my heart on my skin," Gates raps. "Can’t forget where I’ve been/You gave me scars, beautiful scars." 

If there's anyone, aside from Gates, to thank for releasing By Any Means 2, it would the rapper's wife Dreka. She vowed to put the project together while her husband was behind bars. Unless Gates has some more tricks up his sleeve, this mixtape will need to hold us over until he is up for parole in June 2018. You can listen to By Any Means 2 over at Apple Music and iTunes, or stream it below via Spotify.