Australia's unlikely hip-hop icon Kerser has polarised Australian rap fans with the release of his new track "Total Concentration", his unlikely collab with former G-Unit rapper Young Buck and global superstar Future.

The track was announced via Kerser's social media accounts, with his fans instantly labelling "Total Concentration" a classic. Elsewhere on social media, people outside of Kerser's fanbase were bewildered by the track.

Shared on the Complex AU Facebook account, the track attracted comments about it being "terrible", "a collaboration of talentless spuds" and "garbage". Damn guys, why so salty?

Despite most people writing the track off, scoffing at how much they believe the Australian rapper would have had to pay Future for 16 bars and labelling the whole thing wack, some were more pragmatic.

"Total Concentration" has been heavily shared, commented on and liked since it dropped earlier today. Despite what you think of it, this is definitely the biggest AU-US rap collab in Australian hip-hop's history.

If you're into the idea of hearing Kerser rap about Campbelltown alongside Future dropping bars about Maybachs and buying out the Louis Vuitton store, you can hear it above.