Jhené Aiko Deals With Her Brother's Death in Semi-Autobiographical Short Film, 'Trip'

Jhené Aiko shares 'Trip,' a semi-autobiographical short film.

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On Tuesday, Jhené Aiko dropped the trailer for a short film she'd been working on called Trip, and now the 23-minute video is here.

It highlights Aiko coming to grips with the death of her brother, Miyagi, who passed away in July of 2012 after a battle with cancer. Aiko wrote and co-directed the film alongside Tracy Oliver (who co-wrote Girls Trip). Additionally, she contributed original poetry and music which can be heard at several points throughout.

The tale is a personal, semi-autobiographical one that tells the story of her (under the name Penny) going on a journey with a stranger, coping with her loss (often with drugs), and... you're going to have to check out the rest to figure out how it ends.

Aiko also released a moving mission statement regarding her short film, and what she has in store: a new album and a poetry book. You can listen to/read her statement below.

When I was born, my Grampy gave me the nickname “Penny."

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