Damon Dash is refuting recent reports that he auctioned off a vast sneaker collection and some Roc-a-fella RIAA plaques via eBay. The reports surfaced after an eBay listing surfaced around September 20 featuring the claim that each pair in the the trove of kicks was “from Damon Dash’s OG Sneaker Collection.”

Dash addressed the listing via an Instagram post, adding that some urging from fellow Harlemites Cam’ron and Smoke Dza prompted his response.

“I got a call from Cam yesterday, he said, ‘Yo Dame, niggas got your shit on eBay,’” Dash said. “I said, ‘What?’ So this is some shit I ain’t seen in like 12 years. I got cribs all over the place and offices all over the place, and sometimes I lose track of my stuff. I guess apparently it was in storage for like 13 years.”

The dates match up, with the still available listing featuring deadstock Nike Dunks, Nike “Orca” Air Force Ones from 2004 and other Hypeast-approved treats that would likely fine their way on Complex’s list of The 100 Best Nike Air Force 1s of All Time.

As for why Dash didn’t intervene with a sale that seems to be using his name to move vintage kicks at clearance prices, Dame had a perfectly plausible explanation.

“They said they tried to get in touch with me, but they spoke to my lawyer,” Dash added. “I fire lawyers frequently. I guess they auctioned my shit for like $18,000. Somebody came up. I do wish their was a little more respect, but y’all know I ain’t gonna be auctioning my shit.”

If one were to do a cursory Google search on the terms “Dame Dash” and “lawsuit,” the resulting list of jurisprudence would support Dash’s claims here.

So, long story short, Dame Dash says he isn’t auctioning off his ridiculous sneaker collection and assortment of Roc-a-Fella plaques, but instead that someone is doing so under his name. And it would appear the items in the listing are legit, if you’re inclined to get a head start on your holiday shopping.