Boosie Badazz has approximately zero regrets about dissing the late Nu$$ie in his recently released track "Get Ya Mind Right." In a new interview, Boosie opened up about his intentions behind the track, as well as his plans for his soon-to-be-released BooPac project.

"'Get Ya Mind Right,' when you play that it’s a club banger," Boosie told XXL Monday. "That's going to be my new club anthem. That's like a 'Set It Off' record. It's on the album, the fourth track. I'm talking a lot of shit, dropping a couple of names." Asked to reveal why he felt the need to diss Nu$$ie in this fashion, Boosie confirmed his assessment of the situation remains unchanged.

"I was just saying how I felt," Boosie said. "Even though he's gone, rest in peace, I still felt like he was a pussy for what he was doing as far as hating on me and what I had going; people taking it the wrong way. When my boy was killed, he's the same rapper who made songs about my boy. We didn't take it any kind of way. I basically said what I said. I don't regret what I said at all. That's how I feel and that's how I feel always. If he was alive or anybody else, I would still say you're a pussy." In the track, Boosie mentions Nu$$ie by name, referring to him as a "pussy."

As for the 2Pac-inspired new album title, Boosie reiterated that it's a reference to his self-proclaimed status as the 2Pac for another generation. "I want people to take the All Eyez on Me album and go take the BooPac CD and go listen to them," he said. "Listen to realness in my music before you judge me. I know they'll be a lot of 2Pac crazy heads that's going to deny this and get at me. But if you listen to it, if you go through it song for song, I would like your opinion then on the realness to it." For more, check the full Boosie x XXL interview here.

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The largely featureless BooPac is due Dec. 15. Over the weekend, Boosie shared "I Remember Webbie," a tribute track to his friend Webbie.