It was more than five months ago when Boosie Badazz announced his upcoming double album would be called Boo Pac, a reference to the late, legendary rapper 2Pac.

In an interview with Vlad TV, the Baton Rouge rapper admitted the title would likely result in some backlash; however, he insisted his influence on music was comparable to Pac’s and will have the same impact on listeners.

“I know it’s going to be a big ‘ol thing, but it’s in my heart,” he explained. “I’m my generation’s 2Pac. A lot of people didn’t grow up on 2Pac. A lot of people didn’t grow up on Biggie. Those who love that kind of music grew up on me. Another reason is that 'Pac music is forgotten about right now. When you buy that [album], you listen to it, you’ll gonna be like, ‘This motherfucker touched me just like 2Pac touched me.”

Boosie said the double album would feature 26 tracks, one of which was previewed earlier this week on Instagram.

The song is called “I Remember Webbie” and, as the title suggest, is dedicated to Boosie’s longtime friend Webbie

One the clips is captioned “#Boopac ‘I REMEMBER WEBBIE’ Dec. 15th”. A publicist for Atlantic Records confirmed to Complex that this date is for the album.


I Rememba Nigga..

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Boosie and his Trill Entertainment label mate Webbie have not only been friends for a minute, they’ve also collaborated on a number of projects, including their joint albums Ghetto Stories (2003) and Gangsta Musik (2004). They are best known for songs such as "Independent," "Give Me That," "Full of Dat Shit," and more.