While he's been churning out steady material for the better part of the last 16 years, AC Slater's had a truly prolific run in these house music streets. I lowkey coined him as the MVP of dance music four years ago, and since then he's turned his darker, UK-influenced night bass sound into his Night Bass imprint, and is now moving towards his forthcoming Outsiders LP with a massive new single, "All About Paper."

On "All About Paper," Slater links with UK-bass beast Bassboy and the esteemed Scrufizzer. "I've honestly been a fan of Bassboy for a minute," Slater told us, "and have been wanting to link with him on a project for some time. I got to meet up with him on my last UK tour when I hit Birmingham and it's like our creative stars aligned."

In regards to the rave-ready, bassbin destroying tune, it sounds like things came together rather quickly for Slater and Bassboy. "It usually takes a few ideas for me to zone in on one that I'm feeling 100%," Slater recalled, "but [Bassboy] sent me an idea with Scrufizzer already on it and things just clicked. This is a straight-up AC Slater style bassline banger and I felt it'd be the perfect song to lead off the LP with."

With the world of UK grime scene becoming all kinds of memes stateside, and mans like Stormzy and Skepta making decent splashes on this side of the Atlantic, this tune SHOULD have a chance. "All About Paper" isn't for the feint of heart, nor is it for those who play the wall. We're talking hype(r) house beats for nightlife freaks. Turn up.

Check out our exclusive stream of "All About Paper" below as well as our chat with AC Slater about his upcoming project. A pre-order for the album will be available tomorrow (Sept. 15).

How long has the LP been in the works? 
The idea to do an LP just came naturally about a year and a half ago when I had a handful of songs finished that were sitting on my computer with no plans, along with a lot of half-finished ideas. It just clicked that I should try and put together an album. I started reaching out to different vocalists and producers to collaborate with and it all came together. 

What made now the right time to release it?
Everything I’ve done over the past four years I’ve just followed the natural direction and progression of where things were going. I had a big collection of tracks that all went together and fit a narrative that has been a constant theme in my career. It just felt like the right thing to do and the perfect time to take a step up and release a full-length album. 

What's the vibe behind the title and does that theme inform the tracks?
The title Outsiders represents how I've felt as an artist through my career. I've always been outside of the more mainstream parts of the music industry so I carved out my own little niche. A lot of the artists featured on the album are doing the same for themselves. The actual music itself is accessible but continues to push boundaries and take risks. 

Having released on OWSLA (and other imprints) in the past, why did you decide to put this out on Night Bass?
OWSLA is my home outside of Night Bass, but Night Bass is my own creation and that's an extension of me. It just felt right to have the album live on Night Bass. 

What unreleased tunes from the project should people be ready for?
All of them of course! I think a couple that are a little different for me are "Another You" featuring Kaleena Zanders and "Taking Off" featuring Shoffy. One of the more tear out bangers I love is "All About Paper."