50 Cent has some advice for Eminem, who's believed to be readying a new album for release later this year. During a press run for his new series 50 Central, 50 stopped by The Breakfast Club this week and shared some thoughts about the importance of the artist's mystique in the post-streaming landscape. In 50's opinion, that mystique is a bit of a relic.

"You know what I want him to do, I just want him to come out," 50 said around the 38:57 mark in the video above when asked what he thought Em should do with a new album rollout. "Because Em is like, he's from the period where not being available sustained your energy, and I don't think that that's necessarily how you have to sustain it now. Because as long as you stay current with things that are in front of you to sustain your relevance, you can just be there and people see you."

50, speaking from a theoretical listener's perspective, added that Em's tendency to disappear between projects makes the comeback process even more difficult. "The visibility will make you matter, versus when you go away now, you gotta re-excite me completely," he said. "Why should I be excited about this when I haven't seen him in lord knows how long?" However, judging by the chart success of 2013's Marshall Mathers LP2, Em's dedication to the mystique actually seems to be working just fine.

Elsewhere on his 50 Central press run, 50 claimed he was offered half a million dollars from the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief to "make an appearance" at a campaign event in an effort to appeal to black voters. Thankfully, 50 turned down the offer. "I was like, nah, that's not good money," 50 told the Ebro in the Morning crew. "I ain't gonna do that. That's not worth it."