DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince are an iconic duo, no matter how you slice it. From being the first to receive the Best Rap Performance Grammy in 1989 (for their classic "Parents Just Don't Understand") to giving the world a dynamic handshake during their scenes on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Jeffrey Townes and Will Smith have done a lot for the world.

After Will Smith blew up as an actor and Jeff was bringing talents like Jill Scott to the public, they'd stopped working on material together; their last collab as Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince was 1998's "Lovely Daze," although Jeff does have a number of credits on Will's Willenium album from 1999, including the throwback banger "So Fresh."

Why did I go through that weird history lesson for two of Philly's finest? Because with so much hip-hop history between them, I'm surprised their latest collaboration is a full-on EDM track. Sure, they made a number of jams you can shake your ass to, but this new track, "Get Lit," is like REALLY EDM.

Will is even talking about "lighting up the darkness in this world," which is necessary in a post-Charlottesville world, but also very PLUR of him. It also has a Pitbull vibe to it, if I'm being honest.

As of now, there's no word on if a) Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will be releasing this officially or b) they have any album plans in the near future. They are touring live, so at the very least, its good to see Will's return to music involves his favorite DJ, and what would seem to be a lifelong friend, Jazzy Jeff.



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Following the performance, Will Smith shared his own video from the night, which shows you how turnt up the crowd was for "Get Lit."