Vic Mensa sat down for an expectedly candid interview with Larry King Wednesday, sharing his thoughts on Trumpism and former POTUS Barack Obama's impact on his hometown of Chicago. Mensa specifically criticized Obama's "agenda," arguing that he didn't say enough about issues related to race.

"I don't really believe so," Mensa said when asked if Obama represented him while in office. "I live 5, 6 blocks away from Barack Obama's home. So I watched my neighborhood not improve and my city not improve and my community not improve, maybe get worse in the time that Obama was in office. And I recognize that he's the president of the United States, but I don't think that Obama's agenda was very often  to represent the people and do well by the people. I feel like he was often times very careful with what he said regarding race."

Earlier in their discussion, Mensa addressed Trump's White House tenure. "I think he's as expected," Mensa said. "I would say that he's clearly in office for his personal gain and for his financial gain, and we don't know the full game yet, but there's a lot of nepotism going on." Mensa added that he's had to come to terms with the thought that "nobody" is representing "me or my people." A win, Mensa said, won't take place on the political stage.


Elsewhere in the interview, Mensa shared his thoughts on Trump's confirmed status as a "bold-faced liar" and expressed support for Justin Bieber's recent decision to skip out on his remaining Purpose World Tour dates:

Watch the full Larry King x Vic Mensa discussion in non-excerpt form right here.