Brockhampton is next up, my guys. The boy band out of Texas is bringing an energy and flavor the game hasn't seen since Odd Future came on the scene. And their fearless leader is Kevin Abstract who raps about being gay like its the norm for rap. What he's doing will open the door for others to not give a fuck about what anybody thinks, which I think will be a healthy thing for hip-hop in general. The genre continues to have issues with masculinity and homophobia, and rappers like Kevin Abstract, Tyler, the Creator, Le1f, and Frank Ocean (Frank has bars!) are here to shit on your stereotypes.

Abstract starts off "Junky," from Brockhampton's Saturation II, with bars that grab you immediately, rapping about getting head from another man very nonchalantly. Honesty, the shit bugged me out when I first heard it. But for real, both Saturation tapes are two of the best projects to drop this year, and their videos are even better. Our pick for the best rap verse of August is gay, is rapped with conviction, and is dope as fuck. 

"I spit my heart out, lookin out for my best interests
He gave me good head, peepin out while the windows tinted
I speak in tongues, and I arrive without a damn mention
It's kinda sick and I was born in 1996 and
1999 the only year that I remember
I slip through the cracks without havin a damn temper
I bleach my hair because these bitches all about they bitchin
I say shit when I rap and y'all niggas barely listen
I do the most for the culture, nigga, by just existing
Delete my tweets 'cause I'm ashamed of being a fuckin Simpson
I told my mom I was gay, why the fuck she ain't listen?
I signed a pub deal and her opinion fuckin disappearin
I'm payin bills for my sister and tryna fund her business
Is it homophobic to only hook up with straight niggas?
You know, like closet niggas, masc-type
Why don't you take that mask off? That's the thought I had last night
'Why you always rap about bein' gay?'
'Cause not enough niggas rap and be gay
Where I come from niggas get called 'faggot' and killed
So I'ma get head from a nigga right here
And they can come and cut my hand off and
And my legs off and
And I'ma still be a boss 'til my head go, yeah"

Brockhampton is here to shake up the game and we're hoping they're here to stay.