This week, Taylor Swift has been spending her days in a Colorado courtroom, testifying in a civil court case involving an alleged sexual assault by a local DJ. According to reports, the DJ, David Mueller, was fired from his radio job, and is looking for $150,000 from Swift in damages. Taylor's only looking for $1, but more importantly, she wants to send a message.

While the world is waiting on word from the actual trial and what it could mean for future cases involving sexual assault against women, mad people are hung up over this truly confusing courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift.

Wait, is that supposed to be Taylor Swift? Without an image of how Taylor actually dressed for the courtroom, who even is this person? Let's ask Twitter.

OK, that didn't help at all. What's good with that sketch artist, Twitter?

Damn, good point.

Even better point. Some folks on Twitter got kind of emotional over the image, which isn't a surprise.

Truth be told, it could've been way worse, right?

Whatever the case may be, this sketch could mean pop music gold from Taylor...

Keep it locked.