Just days after a judge ruled in her favor in a sexual assault trial, Taylor Swift has faded to black on social media. Her Instagram is now blank—although she hadn’t been using it for awhile anyway. Her Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook page and official website have also gone dark, or are in the process of being wiped clean. There are very few explanations for this, but here a couple guesses: either the pop star was hacked, or she has something up her sleeve. And knowing her, it’s probably the latter.

Swift’s last album was 1989, released three years ago in 2014, so it’s about time for her to release a new project. There were rumors last year that Swift and Drake were collaborating on something, and speculation that her new album would be a mix of "hip-hop and R&B sounds."

But ever since Kim Kardashian dragged Swift to hell and back for the very public confusion over just how much Swift knew about Kanye's infamous "Famous" lyrics, she has remained pretty quiet. Swift came up many times during Katy Perry’s never-ending press tour earlier this year, as Perry discussed her supposed feud with Swift repeatedly, and even attempted to squash it. But Swift never said a word or posted anything in response. That said, Swift did decide to redistribute her music to streaming services the same day Perry’s album Witness was released, and many saw the move as a petty dig.

The folks at Pop Crave have done some major sleuthing and have more or less confirmed that Swift was not hacked, but instead definitely up to something.

First of all, they noticed that her website is not exactly totally empty. It’s got a script that makes the background blank, and that script is curiously called “ivegotablankspace,” surely a reference to one of her last album’s hit singles, “Blank Space.”

Next, Pop Crave claims Swift is apparently slated to appear on Good Morning America Saturday, Aug. 19, as per her DirecTV channel. There is no mention of this appearance on the morning show's website, and the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series lineup lists Demi Lovato as the performer for Friday, Aug. 18, and Paramore for Friday, Aug. 25. Also, Good Morning America does not normally air on the weekend.

This is all pure speculation, and nothing whatsoever has been confirmed. Nevertheless, Swift wouldn't delete all those Instagram photos with her #squad and cats for nothing. Something is sure to come of all of this soon enough.