"Wooo Riddim" producer S-X returns today with a brand new track, "Too Hard", this time featuring his own vocals and a smoother R&B sound than his old grime days.

The Wolverhampton-born producer's career has been pretty crazy almost since day one: he's been brought in as a hired gun several times by Cash Money, plus he's worked with Childish Gambino, Iggy Azalea, T.I., Lupe Fiasco and plenty more besides over the years. Somehow he's managed to stay grounded through it all and on his new single he'd like to remind us all to do the same. "It's just a fun vibe about people overthinking," he explains, "and that you really don't need all of the things/people that you may think you need." 

"Too Hard" comes from his upcoming full-length House Clothes, due Sept. 29. While you wait, take in the audio above.