P. Reign returns with a new name and a new song and video for the streets. Now going by Preme, the Reps Up member and OVO affiliate travels back to the 1920s in the visual for "Tango (Go)," where he and his crew rob a train, and they do it with style.

Preme told Complex via email why "Tango" is so important for this new phase of his career. "Not only was this one of the first records that I made for the album but it is also the song that started the internal debate as to whether I should go back to 'Preme' - a nickname I've had forever," he explained. "When I finally decided to change my name I knew I wanted to do something different for this video. Sometimes, in rap there's this wave... and whether it's a director that's poppin' or an certain aesthetic there can be this collective consciousness that acts like pressure to conform. It's like do something different, but not that different... this is my attempt at doing something different. The video was partly inspired by 2Pac, 'Ain't nothing but a gangsta party,' Nigga in a suit, is a problem."

Check out the Megan Gamez-directed video for "Tango" above and keep up with Preme's latest moves on Twitter.