Let he who has not told a female rapper he wanted to eat her booty on Instagram cast the first stone. That's how the old Bible passage goes, right?

For those of you playing catch up, Nicki Minaj posted a particularly eye-catching picture on her Instagram page on Saturday afternoon, flaunting her assets for all of social media to see. Minaj is not even a little bit shy, so it was not a surprise to see "flexing for the 'Gram" was on her to-do list over the weekend.


A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on Aug 12, 2017 at 10:47am PDT

The comments on a Minaj Instagram—particularly one of this nature—are almost always messy, as men and women alike battle for the right to post the thirstiest comments possible. But this post stands out from the rest, because one thirsty gentlemen in particular got himself in hot water with his comment.

The man in question was identified as William Henry Dewberry III, whose Facebook page lists him as an Elder at the Church of God in Christ in Memphis, Tennessee. Yes, this self-described "God Fearing Man & Pastor" appears to have been caught telling Nicki Minaj he wanted to eat her ass in a public forum.

But there are quite a few holes in this story. For one, the church he has listed as his professional home is not even remotely close to where he keeps his actual home. His location on Facebook (in addition to recent photos) places him in Columbus, Georgia, which is a six-plus hour drive from the Church of God in Christ. Perhaps Dewberry just hasn't updated where he sets up shop yet—and he has moved around a bit due to work with the U.S. Army—but it's a red flag all the same.

There's also a recent post from the "dewberry_2017" account that does not look at all pastor-like, with the page going on an extended, profanity-laced tirade directed at a woman on Facebook.


Swipe to the left... @ty_getsmoney I tried to be nice today. Didn't I told you to don't put me on your snap chat.. with yo ugly ass pussy you don't won't me to leaked your nude pictures here on Instagram do you ?? With yo ugly ass pussy you gone learn about coming for me. Yes I seen @snoopdogg post a picture of me on his Instagram so why post that on snap chat. You need to worry about them bastard kids you have I hope your daughter don't be a whore like you.. I see why your baby daddy Dre don't take care of them bastards.. I mean you are the biggest whore in Columbus Georgia/ Phenix city Alabama are. You & Nadia Brooks be tricking off together. I seen both of y'all on backpage. You hang with that bitch Keshia Wilkerson she must sell pussy to if she hang with you... I be seeing you on snap chat Getting naked you don't have any self respect for your self your daughter & son gonna be so ashamed of you.. I see you graduated from College I Congratulate you... but you still selling pussy ? I mean damn put your degree to some use. You can't sell pussy all your life. With them boot leg tattoos you have on your body them tattoos look like pure shit. Especially The "ThugLife" tattoo you have on your stomach. You are no 2pac bitch so stop biting his style. I know who burned your car up. And who broke in your apartment and stole all your Kids Christmas presents 😂😂😂😂 & you have the nerves to have your saggy ass titties pierced smh. I heard you was sucking 🍆🍆🍆 for rides. When your car got burned up. I see you a your sister is having a good time while she's in town don't fuck her husband. Cause you know for fucking other females men's. Eric Jackson said yo pussy ain't all that good. & you can't suck 🍆 to save your life. You wouldn't even have that apartment in Phenix city if it wasn't for section 8 & you & Nadia brooks stop going into these people stores shop lifting. I seen you guys in the joint paper. & I am a preacher you bum bitch. Your mother should have had a Abortion or miscarriage when she was pregnant with you. Do you father Alvin know you are a whore ? What about your mother. 🤔

A post shared by @dewberry_2017 on Aug 13, 2017 at 7:19pm PDT

On his behalf, the real Dewberry is denying the profile in question belongs to him. In a post on his Facebook page, Dewberry asked his friends to report the account claiming to be him.

"Saints, I need your help," reads Dewberry's post. "Somebody created a fake Instagram page under my name. I don't know who did this. But, this needs to come down ASAP! May somebody report this IMMEDIATELY! I did not create this. I already have an Instagram page, and this one ain't me!!!!"

The account he claims is private, so it's hard to verify, but at the very least has a different picture and is a separate entity from the account that told Nicki Minaj they were coming for her booty.

If "dewberry_2017" is an imposter, they've done a damn good job of keeping this act up. Someone has been cataloging photos of Dewberry and his loved ones from that account since January 2016, over a year-and-a-half prior to the comment being dropped on Minaj's instagram. That's a difficult act to keep up for that amount of time, and some of Dewberry's own Facebook friends remained unconvinced that he was being duped.

pastor friend on facebook
Image via Facebook

Will the real Dewberry please stand up? I suppose this is an unsolved mystery for now, up there in scale with whether Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are real.

Complex has reached out to Dewberry for comment, and will update this post if we hear back from him. In the meantime, everyone do yourself a favor and stop leaving thirsty comments on social media feeds, regardless of your profession or who the subject of admiration is. It's almost never going to end well.