It's hard enough to be a teenager in a normal family, so it's almost impossible to imagine how difficult it is to grow up with your dad residing in the White House. But that's exactly the life Malia Obama and Sasha Obama have lived, and they can't even take a trip to a music festival without their every move being watched.

Malia, the older of the two siblings, is apparently having quite the time at Lollapalooza 2017, and was spotted going pretty wild during a set from The Killers on Friday night. In video obtained by TMZ, which you can watch up top, the elder Obama daughter appeared to fake drum on a fallen friend, and then later hit the ground herself, rocking out all by herself.

According to Aminé, who was also on the bill, Malia checked out his set and apparently had a good time.

Since it was something that involved a member of the Obama family, you had to know people were going to line up to talk about it, and the reactions ranged from bewilderment to a defense of her, uh, dance moves.

Count me among the people who just want her to be able to live her life without worrying her friends are going to sell a video to TMZ. When I was a 19-year-old, I was doing a lot dumber things than she's ever been spotted on camera doing, and I certainly didn't have my act together enough to get into fucking Harvard.

If the critics had gotten to her by now, we probably wouldn't be seeing her still out and thriving. So if you thought you might shame her into hiding, consider this your L.