Lil Yachty dropped the new video for "Forever Young" Friday, and it’s full of exactly the sort of visuals the song demands.

The video for the Diplo-featuring Teenage Emotions single is directed by Alex Lill, whose previous work includes videos for Nav and Joey Badass. Yachty is credited as the video's creative director.


There's nothing worse than someone writing an entire paragraph detailing what happens in a music video that would only take the reader mere minutes to watch themselves, so I'm not going to do that. Just watch the video.

"Forever Young" marks the second Yachty video this week. On Wednesday, Macklemore shared his video for the Yachty-featuring "Marmalade." The video sees kid versions of Macklemore and Yachty driving around and generally just enjoying life. Goddammit. I just wrote a sentence about what happens in a music video. At any rate, here's the video:

Yachty's Teenage Tour kicks off next week at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas before taking the Yachty experience through Florida, New York, Nevada, California, and damn near every state in between. Check the full list of dates below:


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"[Teenage Emotions] caters to a teenager's everyday lifestyle—heartbreak, happiness, that vibe when you waking up in the morning getting dressed and you just wanna dance," Yachty once said of the vibes on his debut album. With his new "Forever Young" video, Yachty is keeping that lifestyle at the forefront of his art.