Just a few days ago, Kodak Black was asked about Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. His response was not exactly complimentary. "Aye listen here, man listen," he started out. "I got some new albums coming out. I am not like these other ni**as." He then launched into a deprecating freestyle where he rapped "I don't even listen to Uzi/These ni**as dick in the booty/They confusing the community... I don't even listen to Yachty/He don't even be dropping no knowledge."

Well, it should be no shock that words like that elicited a reaction. And that's exactly what happened from Lil Uzi on...Monday(?), Sunday (?), some day after Kodak Black said what he said. While he definitely understood the tone of the comments (more on that in a second) he definitely wasn't fazed by them.

"What do I think about Kodak?" he said, repeating the question of a fan on social media. "That's one of my classmates on XXL. I fuck with Kodak. What? Because he was rapping and he said that? I fuck with Kodak, though. That ain't nothing."

He then went on to say that it doesn't worry him because he has money. "I ain't poor," he added through a cloud of smoke. "If I was poor that would've gotten to me. If I was poor I would have had all day to think about that. Due to the fact that I'm getting money, you know..."

You can watch his extended reaction below:

And you can also check out the hyphenated version here:

Doesn't appear an elongated beef is brewing. Though it does seem to confirm that money is the key to contentment after all.