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Lil B may have had it out for Houston, at least indirectly, when he cast a curse upon James Harden (which, I believe, is currently lifted?) But, seeing as how the nation's fourth-largest city has fallen upon some seriously calamitous times, the Based God has offered what he can (rap verses) to the currently underwater metropolis, as they deal with the disastrous flooding that's been brought about by the still ongoing Hurricane Harvey:

While it's unlikely to do much for those currently displaced by the storm, if you're a rapper based in the area, you can reach out to Lil B on Twitter, probably via DM (seeing as how he follows more than one and a half million freakin' people). You can also read about what Space City rappers have to say about the storm damage here. And, in lieu of providing your own verses (which we're sure are fine), here's how you too can help.