Kodak Black loves to talk. It seems like every other day, a new soundbite pops up from the Florida rapper. One minute, he's casually shitting on black women, the next minute he's going in on D.R.A.M. for allegedly jacking his sauce. On this day, we're being treated to yet another installment of Unsolicited Thoughts From Kodak Black.

During a recent Instagram Live session, fans asked Kodak for his opinion on some of his contemporaries. Specifically, a couple of the most popular Lil rappers of our time: Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty. Kodak let it be known that he's busy enough working on his own music. 

“Aye listen here, man listen," he starts out. "I got some new albums coming out. I am not like these other niggas.”

Then, he launches into a brief, random-ass freestyle about Uzi and Yachty

"I don't even listen to Uzi/These niggas dick in the booty/They confusing the community... I don't even listen to Yachty/He don't even be dropping no knowledge," he raps.

Toward the end of the clip, Kodak admits that he's "forever a project nigga," and he misses the adrenaline rush from "hitting licks." For his own sake and future, he should probably listen to that little voice of reason we all have inside and move in the opposite direction. Far, far away. Maybe paintballing could help distract him? Hey, it worked for Chief Keef.