Justin Bieber’s genitals are making headlines again. Just days after the singer’s nudes were posted on Selena Gomez’s hacked Instagram account, it was reported that his swollen balls are at the center of a messy legal dispute.

Here’s what went down: TMZ reports Justin went to the ER back in May shortly after he was hit in the groin during a soccer game. Though this type of injury is pretty common in sports, sources said the 23-year-old artist “WebMD'd himself” and became convinced the trauma had caused testicular torsion, a condition that cuts off the testicle’s blood supply. Luckily for Justin, the ER doctor sent him home after determining there was nothing seriously wrong with his crotch other than some swelling. It was a good ending for Justin; however, the hospital visit would spark an employee’s termination.

According to TMZ, hospital staffer Kelly Lombardo was working on the day Justin was admitted into Northwell Health in Long Island New York. The hospital accused the woman of illegally accessing Justin’s medical files after she heard a rumor he was being treated for a STD. Lombardo was fired for unethical conduct; however, she insists she’s innocent.

The former staffer claims she only heard a rumor about Justin’s STD treatment, but never accessed his file. Lombardo has since filed a wrongful termination suit with the New York Division of Human Rights, claiming she was singled out because she’s a woman.

The New York Daily News reports Lombardo had worked as an emergency room representative since 2007.

“My client was a moral employee who had respect for patient privacy and never accessed Justin Bieber’s file,” Lombardo’s attorney David H. Rosenberg told the publication. “She was told generally, ‘You are a young female. You’re not curious about what he was doing in the ER?’ And they fired her […] She didn’t admit him. Never saw him there. She was literally dragged into this.”