While speaking to Metro about his relationship with 40-year-old Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Jay Z called the musician a "modern day Shakespeare." 

"I have been in the industry long enough to know when I’m in the presence of a genius," Jay continued. "In years to come, Britain will look back at him as a modern day Shakespeare. He is an incredible recording artist, an incredible songwriter, but where he really comes alive is performing live. If you get the chance to see Coldplay live, do it — you ain’t gonna regret it," Jay remarked of the celebrated English musician. The two friends have previously collaborated together musically on such songs as "Lost." 

Chris Martin does have an impressive list of hits. He has sold over 90 million records worldwide with his band, making them one of the best selling artists of all time. Coldplay's latest album, their seventh, was 2015's A Head Full of Dreams. Coldplay burst onto the scene with their 2000 debut Parachutes​. 

Jay Z just released the video for "Footnotes for Adnis," which features celebrities such as Chris Rock, Mack Wilds, DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart, and Mahershala Ali discussing their relationships with their fathers. The Brooklyn rapper and mogul is expected to drop the video for the 4:44 track "Moonlight" on Aug. 4. Until then, check out our ranking of Jay Z's discography.

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