DMX was placed on house arrest and ordered to wear an ankle bracelet following the trial for his tax evasion case earlier this month. It was considered a light punishment, but the Ruff Ryders icon still wasn’t allowed to do much at all—he couldn’t even go outside to mow his lawn.

Now, X has the ability to travel again—under one condition. X must be accompanied at all times by a sober coach.

Murray Richman, X’s attorney, wrote a letter requesting permission for the rapper to perform at a series of shows this fall. X wanted to perform in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Richman’s request for travel was granted—despite opposition from X’s probation officer—according to the New York Daily News.

The sober coach must be with him 24 hours a day while he is traveling. Additionally, X has to pay for the services himself.

“We’re ecstatic about the court’s decision giving Mr. Simmons the opportunity to perform and continue his career,” Richman said.

It’s good news for DMX for now, but his battle wages on. He could face as many as 44 years in prison if he is convicted.

DMX faces 14 tax evasion charges. He allegedly hid millions from the government. The U.S. attorney’s office calls it a “multi-year scheme.” DMX pleaded not guilty in July.