Around a year and a half ago, Nottingham-based DJ and producer Glacci dropped his stunning six-track EP, Lucid, on Plastician's Terrorhythm imprint. In the intervening period, he's spent the entire time crafting the album that came to be Lifeforce. As you might expect from that debut offering, Glacci continues to weave together grime, trap, trance, wave  but with a decidedly grandiose and cinematic edge. On Lifeforce, Glacci takes things a step further from the trap beats and trance synths combo  stretching himself as a producer to create a collection of club tracks whose whole is greater than the sum of its proverbial parts.

In fact, Plastician himself has commented that album track "Death Dealer" is the best thing he's released on Terrorhythm, period. Glacci himself cites the album as "a blend of electronic music, metal, noise and psychedelia." Sure it packs plenty of club-ready punch, but Lifeforce​ is first and foremost a cohesive album that does well to not get too bogged down in any one sound for too long.​ Complex invited the Notts producer to spin together the best of his record bag. If you've yet to cop the album, this mix should seal it for you, since plenty of the album's tracks feature prominently in this cinematic club workout. Mixed in with that, you've got everything from Three Six Mafia to Sasha to give you some insight into the mind behind Lifeforce.

Tell us a bit about your selections in this mix. 

This mix is a compilation of artists, tracks and vibes that have influenced me. From southern rap, to old trance, to upbeat up-and-comers, to downbeat bangers and back again, I've curated this mix based on a diverse weaving of genres with my original tracks to take your ears on a sonic journey through the eyes of Glacci.

What was the one track you absolutely had to include? 

"Stay Fly" by Three Six Mafia. It brings me back to my hip-hop roots; this has always been one of my all time faves. It's the "Overnight Celebrity" of the South.

Any tracks that narrowly missed the cut?

"Xpander" by Sasha. It's one of the first trance tracks I heard growing up. It was in the game Wipeout, which I spent so many hours playing as a child. I wasn't sure if I could execute this track with the rest of the mix, but it worked out well and I'm glad it did.

What's the first single or album you ever bought? 

Outkast's ATLiens. I never really bought records when I was a child, but around the time I was at college, I would spend my breaks browsing CD and vinyl stores and I found this gem. It's one of my favorite rap records of all time, so I had to buy it.

What's the last physical record you bought? 

Lantern by Hudson Mohawke. The vinyl version came with an exclusive track titled "Sex". I was really looking forward to having this ever since hearing him play it in his Benji B guest mix around the time Lantern dropped.

What do you want to see happen musically over the next 12 months? 

Audio-visual integration. I know the future is the merging of visual art and sound to create a cohesive journey through your earholes and eyeballs. I'd like to see a step further into this realm to see the exploration of full sensory stimulation methodologies alongside sight and sound, taking a journey through the well-realized combination of awakening the different senses, coalescing as individual parts to fuel the whole body of work.

What trend or scene absolutely needs to die right now? 

Snake skin loafers. They aren't in trend right now and I'm hoping they never will be.

Glacci's debut album Lifeforce is out now on Terrorhythm.


1. Glacci - Apathy
2. Glacci - Silver Storm
3. Glacci - Grid
4. Glacci - Her In Stasis
5. Deadcrow - Very Rare
6. Sasha - Xpander
7. Bleaker - Hype Funk
8. Glacci - Celadon Fire
9. Joy Orbison - J. Doe
10. C.Z - Metroid
11. Glacci - Death Dealer
12. Glacci - Untitled
13. Three Six Mafia - Stay Fly
14. Mordecai - Together
15. Glacci - Gold Claw
16. Jacques Greene - To Say (Glacci Remix)
17. Adipop - Sun Loop And Work
18. Three Six Mafia - Who Run It (Acapella)
19. Glacci f/ Mikey Dollaz - Go Get 'Em (Lapsung Remix)
20. Glacci - Naluri
21. DJ Rashad - Do Not Fuck
22. Big Dope P - Presidential Pimpin'
23. Joseph Marinetti - ºº8 1 7 k
24. Nightwave - Bucky Bomb
25. Glacci - Wheelspin
26. Glacci f/ Deon Custom) - Viridian
27. Glacci - Mirror Cluster
28. Glacci & Deon Custom - Zaffre
29. Big Dope P - Still Hood
30. Danny L Harle - Always Remember
31. Glacci - Lust Pattern
32. Glacci - Lifeforce