While it feels like we're hearing more about Chief Keef's arrest record in 2017 rather than new music from Chief Keef in 2017, it's good to hear his troubles with firearms could truly be a thing of the past. In a new interview on Viceland series The Therapist, Keef explains how his love for paintball played a part in curbing his love for guns. 

"I took it to paintball," Keef told The Therapist's Dr. Singh. "And I was doing it every day. I took it so serious. I don’t think I'll ever have to have a gun again." You can check out his comments around the 15:45 mark.

For those who don't remember, back in 2014, Chief Keef was a part of Vice's Chiraq series. It highlighted Keef's transition to life in the suburbs, which included loads of four-wheelin' and sessions of paintballing.

You might remember Chief Keef getting into hot water back in 2012, after a Pitchfork video shoot involving an interview and freestyle session at a gun range turned into a probation violation, stemming from a prior incident where Keef pointed a gun at an officer. His legal troubles are lengthy, with most of his issues involving either illegal drug charges or firearm charges.

Hopefully, Keef's positive paintball experiences will not only quash his love of guns, but also help him turn over a new leaf—especially when it comes to getting his career back on track.