While Chance The Rapper has only been active in the rap game since 2011, he's done more in the last six years than many rappers end up doing in their lifetimes. And don't get it twisted; he's making power moves, but he's also breaking a ton of records while doing it.

Just look at what he's done within the last year. Chance's 2017 release The Coloring Book was not only the first streaming-exclusive album to break into the Billboard top 10, but it won the Grammy for Best Rap Album in the first year that streaming-only releases were eligible. Chance took it a step further, though; he was the first black, independent artist to win, and decided to donate the award to the Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago.

Outside of music, Chance is making waves as a humanitarian. His 2017 BET Humanitarian Award win (of which Chance was the youngest person to win) stemmed from the $1 million Chance earned for Social Works, his foundation; that money ended up going to public schools in Chicago.

Chance has even become the first person to hire his own ASL interpreters for a tour.

Ultimately, Chance is the change that we wish to see in the world of music, and just the world in general. He's a true inspiration to his generation, and hopefully the powerful, record-breaking moves he's made will be an awesome foundation for the future movers and shakers behind him. Thanks, Chance!