If you've been paying any attention to the music scene this summer—and really, if you've done so much as leave your apartment—you've probably been smacked in the face by Cardi B's anthem, "Bodak Yellow." Regardless of what you think of Cardi's rise to fame, "Bodak Yellow" is undeniable, sporting a bare but booming beat that makes any listener feel like they could conquer the world.

While we've been telling you this for a while, the time has come for you to stop sleeping on Cardi. Her latest performance at Warm Up 2017, the outdoor music series at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, sent the crowd into hysterics, and it appeared almost every single person in the audience was prepared to belt out the lyrics to "Bodak Yellow" when the time came.

Judging by the reactions to her performance on a bill that featured ASAP Ferg, Hitmakerchinx, and Total Freedom, Cardi appeared to have stolen the show, earning rave reviews from everyone in attendance.

Cardi B has PS1 the most packed I've ever seen it this shit is Summer Jam right now.

— Mike Hinson (@HinsonMike) August 12, 2017

Seeing Cardi B perform live made my heart swellllllllll

BX forevaaa 🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽

— Hilary Banks (@LysMula) August 13, 2017

Cardi also took some shots at an unnamed individual. “She never fucking liked me and now all of a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No, bitch... I still don’t like you bitch."

Some of you might be surprised by her sudden rise to prominence, but the people around her have seen this coming. JWhiteDidThat, the producer behind the boards for "Bodak Yellow," told Complex that Cardi takes this rap game seriously, and what you're seeing is just natural progression.

"All she does is work on her craft. I promise you, from the little Instagram videos she does, she has those headphones on and she be engaging beats, he said. "She’s treating it like she’s in the dang NFL or NBA. She’s grown so much in the past year. I’m so proud of this girl."

I don't know if we'll see Cardi B starting at quarterback for an NFL team any time soon, but her grind is to be respected, and I'll be damned if I haven't been throwing "Bodak Yellow" on in the whip at least a few times a week.

You can catch part of her performance up top—with a special assist to Bang & Olufsen, Resident Advisor, and Ace Hotel New York—and check out her entrance leading into the performance below.