A wise man once said the best revenge is living well, and Blac Chyna is taking that to heart after her messy split from Rob Kardashian. The most recent news is that Blac Chyna is gunning for a music career and setting herself up to be the new Nicki Minaj. According to TMZ, “several record labels” are down to help her reach her goals; she’s supposedly already met with Capitol Records and has other meetings lined up. 

Mysterious, unnamed sources close to Blac Chyna (who are, as always, to be trusted at your own peril) claim that she’s already in the studio making music in the “rap, ‘poetry music’ and traditional singing” genres. Nevertheless, Chyna has yet to be signed. 

These new rumors come just a week after Blac Chyna starred alongside Minaj in Yo Gotti’s new music video for “Rake it Up,” which was filmed down in Miami. The pair was dressed in colorful, skin-tight latex and looked pretty happy to be spending time together—or at least it seemed like it from the pictures.

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna even counts Minaj as a mentor. Remember that Blac Chyna did work as Minaj’s body double in Kanye West’s “Monster” video, so she does have a standing relationship with Minaj. 

This move doesn't automatically mean Chyna is desperate for money. Reports from earlier this month claim she's doing more than okay without Rob's money, even after he reportedly cut her off. Whether she has what it takes to come after Minaj's place among the Rap Gods, though, is to be determined.