Yesterday, West London MC (and DJ, radio host, chef and probably a few other things too) Big Zuu released his long-awaited, self-titled EP, and fans have been going nuts for it. In particular, "No Restarts" with Capo Lee quickly became a fan favouriteyou only have to look at Zuu's timeline to see what we're talking about. 

Just like Capo and Zuu's rapid-fire bars, the Kaylum-directed video is bold and straight to the point (look out for cameos from P Money, Sir Spyro, Splurt Diablo, Faze Miyake and a few others besides). Rather than get lost in some convoluted concepts and fancy FX, the spotlight is firmly on two MCs at the top of their game. 

Get Big Zuu's EP from iTunes here, or stream it below via Spotify.