Being related to Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith definitely has its perks. Over the weekend, the TDE founder and CEO met up with several family members with whom he hadn’t seen in a while. After he treated them to lunch, Tiffith took them back home and gave each of them a blue box with a special gift inside.

"Open them up. I hope you like these," he said while filming the four women. "A gift from me to y’all."

Though one of them said she was expecting a fidget spinner, the actual gifts were so, so much better. Tiffith had placed a car key in each box, which immediately caused some of them to break out in tears.

"After we had lunch I turnt into Oprah Winfrey," Tiffith wrote on Instagram. "I started screaming you get a car and all of them started crying. It felt good being able to bless my family without them asking."

The TDE boss shared another video shortly after, showing the women stepping outside and seeing a row of new cars in the street. The tears of joy really started flowing once they realized Tiffith was not playing around.


That moment you realize this is not a joke and your new car is parked in the front waiting you.

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Generosity is common trait amongst the TDE crew. Just last month, Kendrick Lamar gifted one of his fans a wheel-chair accessible vehicle. And back in June, K-Dot celebrated his sister’s high school graduation by giving her a 2017 Toyota Camry.