In the midst of the generally ecstatic response to Jay Z's new album 4:44, eagle-eyed fans had one question: Where's "Adnis"?

In the rollout of the project, Jay let out a snippet of a song called "Adnis," named after his late father. While Adnis Reeves has been a frequent subject in his son's rhymes, the confessional nature of the "Adnis" excerpt left fans eager to hear more. Except when 4:44 came out, "Adnis" was nowhere to be found.

On Friday night, Jay's longtime engineer Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton, who recorded every song on the album, shared the song's fate: it will appear on physical copies of the album. He also teased the possibility of other unreleased tracks showing up then.

As of yet, there has been no release date announced for physical copies (in fact, this tweet seems to be the first confirmation that they will exist at all).