Two of Cashville a.k.a. Nashville, Tennessee's finest rappers are on shaky ground. Underground lyricist Starlito and G-Unit alumnus Young Buck were both at a basketball game in their hometown over the weekend when they were involved in a scuffle.

In videos posted to social media, the two men seem to be talking when Buck suddenly grabs Starlito by the neck. The crowd around them attempts to separate the men, then security steps in to spray mace to deescalate the situation.

Starlito released a diss song called "You Should Be Proud" around the time the footage came out, making it entirely possible that Buck confronted Starlito after hearing the song. In the track, which you can stream at the top, Lito goes directly at Buck: "Nobody ever did it bigger for the Ville then Buck/But I'm realer and I really don't even give a fuck."

Later in the song, Lito fires shots at Buck's authenticity: "Real recognize real, and no one seems to know you/Ain't even happy for me and everybody notice/I'll never be a celebrity, but I bet I'll be focused/I know some sacred secrets, people that get deeper than these quotes/But I'ma leave it alone, it's easy to see you reap what you sow."

At the end of the song, a recording is played of someone addressing Buck by his government name, David Brown. A bunch of f-words fly after that, seeming to call Buck's sexuality into question.

Young Buck appeared to address the fracas on Instagram Monday by posting a ripped clip of Maino speaking on "not giving a fuck" about others' lives: 

"Swear to God, listen, one day I woke up and didn’t give a fuck about nothing. Nothing. I said, ‘Oh, shit. I don’t give a fuck.’ And the more I didn’t give a fuck, the more better I started feeling about myself. You understand what I’m talking about? When I ain’t give a fuck about what another nigga was thinking or what another nigga had to say about me. Because I don’t put that much emphasis on another nigga. I don’t need no validation from no other man, you feel what I’m talking about? So the more I didn’t give a fuck, I was practicing not giving a fuck. I jumped down on my knees one morning and was like, ‘God, thank You please. Please, for not making me a hoe ass nigga that give a fuck about what other hoe ass niggas be talking about.’ So the more I didn’t give a fuck the better I started to be for myself. You understand? The less I cared about what other people think and how other people feel, is the best that I've been.’ You feel what I’m talking about? Straight up."

Just last year, Lito and frequent collaborator Don Trip appeared on Young Buck’s 10 Pints project for a song called "Push Da Line." Something tells me they won't be collabing again in the near future, but we'll see how things pan out from here.