Young Buck has a message for Jay Z.

While fans and members of the rap world have congratulated Hov on the release of his new album, 4:44, Buck boldly came forward to express his issue with the drop. And, no, it’s not because he took shots from Jay; it’s because 4:44 overshadowed the G-Unit rapper’s own release.

On the day 4:44 hit Tidal, Buck went to Instagram and playfully called out Jay for releasing the highly anticipated project on the same day as his 10 Toes Down mixtape.  

“Ayo, what up? This Young Buck. I got a quick question for Jay Z,” he said in the video. “Next time you see me dropping an album, get out my way dude. Quit buying every goddamn thing, bro! Let a young nigga get his ass in, Jay! I get up, turn on the goddamn radio, Jay Z whole damn album playing way in Cashville. Nigga, I dropped too, nigga! Get out my motherfucking way, Jay! Salute nigga but goddamn let a young nigga eat!”

Clearly, Buck doesn’t have any real beef with Jay, as the message seems to compliment the new album’s success in a funny way. Maybe Buck should’ve taken a cue from 21 Savage’s team and rescheduled his drop.

Buck’s 10 Toes Down, is available now on iTunes. It marks the latest in his 10 mixtape series hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. The first installment, 10 Bullets was released in 2015, followed by 10 Bricks, 10 Pints, and 10 Bodies.