Tyler, the Creator has just released a new track from his upcoming album.

On Tuesday night, the 26-year-old rapper hit up YouTube to share a song called “Boredom.” The cut will land on his upcoming fourth studio album Scum Fuck Flower Boy, which includes the previously released tracks Who Dat Boy and 911 / Mr. Lonely.”

You can listen to “Boredom” below. Scum Fuck Flower Boy is scheduled to drop July 21. 

In other news, Tyler also wants some credit.

Though he’s mostly know for his musical output, the multi-hyphenate is also passionate about design and style. Not only has he delivered his own streetwear brand, Golf Wang, he’s also joined forces with heavy-hitters such as Vans and Converse. But despite that experience, Tyler says he still feels he doesn’t get recognized in the fashion world—both as a creator and an influencer.

“I’m not financially where I wanna be at and I’m not successfully where I wanna be at,” he told Dazed. “I’m always left out of stuff, like everyone is doing pop-up shops now; I was doing that in 2011. I’d never get a mention for it or anything. When everyone was putting cats on tie-dye shirts in 2013, I was doing that in 2011. No one was saying anything, then, I bet you’re gonna start seeing–I mean it’s already happening–kids wearing these flooded pants. That has been a look, but I’ll never, ever be respected in that world for it. It’s not my ego, you could just look and be like, ‘Oh!’ and I’ll just never, ever be looked at as [an originator] and it’s a bummer.”

Tyler went on to say that he hasn’t, nor will he ever, let the so-called “gatekeepers” stop him from doing what he loves: making things. Whether it’s music, film, or fashion, he insists he will find a way to make his mark and do it on his own terms. He said this kind of mentality is what led him to leave Vans and begin a partnership with Converse.

“Vans just wouldn’t let me grow. It was a ceiling and I was like, ‘Fuck this,’” he said. “Converse is allowing me to bloom, no pun intended, and it’s great.”

He said as he grows as an artist, people’s perception of him is starting to shift.

“I think that people are slowly starting to take note of me. Slowly, but surely,” he explained. “Like overall. Like, ‘Wow! I didn’t realize he was doing all of this. I thought he was just loud and stupid! But he’s actually pretty talented and kind of decent at what he does.’”

You can read the full interview at Dazed’s website. And, no, Tyler didn’t provide any comment regarding the speculation surrounding his sexuality, though he did celebrate the success of "Who Dat Boy," which is his first ever song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

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