Approximately 15 seconds into Tyga's new interview with the Breakfast Club team, Charlamagne tha God hits Tyga with, "How did you lose Kylie, bruh?" From there, the 27-minute discussion touches on everything from Tyga's relationship with G.O.O.D. Music to the possibility that someone was planting negative stories on him during his time with Kylie Jenner.

"That's like the honeymoon stage," Tyga explained of previous remarks about the two being "in love" during the first year of their relationship. "You get with anybody, like, for the first year, it's magic. And after that, like, you start, like, realizing a bunch of shit. It's like any relationship... the main thing was just, like, it was a lot of outside influences, and like you said, she's younger than me so she's dealing with perception. I'm older, so I can deal with, like, perception." Tyga added that he's more a fan of keeping up the mystique, while "image and perception" were everything to Jenner.

Later in the interview (around the 6:15 mark), Tyga is asked how he feels when Travis Scott's music comes on somewhere he happens to be. Scott, as widely reported earlier this year, has been linked with Jenner. "I don't feel no type of way," Tyga said, noting that "it's not like I broke bread with [Scott]" and that he's not "in the wrong."

Charlamagne also asked Tyga (around the 10:37 mark) about reports of a repossessed Maybach and Ferrari, reports Tyga said were simply not true. "Never had a Maybach and Ferrari repossessed," Tyga said. "Let me show you something right now. So, for the last 7 months, we ain't been together or whatever. Has there been any negative stories out on me?"

Asked if he was implying that the Kardashians were planting stories, Tyga said:

Hey, I'm not saying that . . . I'm saying, look at the proof though. All I'm saying is, like, whoever controls this type of media doesn't like seeing rappers with these type of women, especially young white women, and that's just how it is.

Asked again if the Kardashians—specifically Kris Jenner—were planting stories, Tyga said:

I don't know. Maybe. 

Speaking on the status of his relationship with Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music team, Tyga clarified that he never had an "official deal" with the label. "I never really did an official deal with them," he explained. "It was a management thing, because I didn't wanna be on Def Jam. I was like, yo, I just got out of a bad label situation. I really don't want to be in another label situation, signed to another artist. So it was, like, kind of more of a management kind of deal."

Tyga also shared his thoughts on the recent developments in Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship, as well as those widely panned 2Pac and Biggie T-shirts from Kylie and Kendall. Catch the full interview up top.