In our new episode of The Culture, host Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins chops it up with Dominique Maldonado to get the story behind her rise in the music industry. As former manager to legendary rapper Q-Tip, and current co-manager of Virginia collective Divine Council, Maldonado has had her finger on the pulse for years. She's also behind Leaders of the New Cool, a showcase series that provides a stage for emerging acts looking to get a leg up on the competition. That dedication has given her an outlook on the game that is not only positive, but pushing it forward.

Jinx and Maldonado​ first link up at a comic book store, which is appropriate given the similarities between the fan/nerd approach to caring deeply about hip-hop and comics. "To me, what nerd or fan culture is, you're really going to dig deep because I wanna know what people are getting that's not right there on the page. And music is like that," she explains.

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