On Friday evening Queen's official site, called "Queen Official Site," reported that a biopic of the band has been confirmed. "After months of speculation, QOL can also confirm that the film is now ‘as-close-as-that’ to start of shooting," the site wrote. "Pre-production begins next week in the UK to prepare for start of principal photography in around London as soon as mid-September."

As for the few specifics of the film that are currently available, Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor will serve in executive producer roles. The film will follow the life of Freddie Mercury, who will be played by Mr. Robot star Rami Malek (which validates news that was announced last November). Sacha Baron Cohen was originally tied to the role, but dropped out after having disagreements with the band on how to cover the late singer's personal life.

Also, the movie will be directed by Bryan Singer, whose previous credits include The Usual Suspects and a whole bunch of X-Men movies.

The site also promised to report on who will play other members of the group when that news becomes available. So stay tuned.