KinKai is a poetic MC from Manchester who utilises rap as a vehicle to get his poems across over jazzy beats. The best place to start to get a feel of KinKai is his debut EP, Distortions, ​which dropped in 2015; a jazz-driven effort, the set was layered with vivid lyricism about growing up as a black youngster in Manchester. Following the release of Distortions, KinKai was introduced to glue70 by Manny music collective Flow Theory.

The two began hitting the studio together, experimenting with different styles and building a genuine friendship, and that chemistry certainly shows on new track "Roll The Dice". Here, KinKai shares personal information about his family life. He tells Complex that his aim was to "create something more revealing that allowed ears to understand me a little better. 'Roll The Dice' speaks on my family issues and how I've been taking risks by dismissing their aspirations to move forward for myself. It's one song that I'm personally proud of, and hopefully the world can resonate with it."

KinKai's introspective rhymes are delivered atop a glue70 beat that is "perfectly sloppy but romantically enticing." And the way it's put together gives glue70 license to sing a soulful hook that you'll never get tired of hearing. Peep the Warby101-directed video exclusively above.