East London rapper Dualeh Oke smooths it out on new single "Mood", produced by close friend and fellow DRMCLUB member Jay Prince. The latter lays down a production bed which samples Static Major's vocals on Old Playa Footage — also popularly recognised as the lead sample on Drake's "Look What You've Done" — and Dualeh takes it away with effortless wordplay on intimacy and infatuation.

Speaking on the collaborative back-and-forth between Jay Prince and himself in crafting the record, Dualeh told Complex: "When I initially started writing to the song, Jay Prince had sent me just a 30-second loop and within seconds of hearing it, all these R&B references started pouring out — the most prominent one being the song's hook, which is an ode to Justin Timberlake's "Set The Mood". Making the song felt so natural, it plays out almost like a really long text or DM, and Jay was very in-tune with how I wanted everything to sound."

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